Stephanie Rogister changed my son's life.  We were referred to Ms. Rogister through friends for my son's speech delay when he was a preschooler.  We all worked together to develop his speech and  I am thrilled with the results.  Stephanie's kind and gentle demeaner created a positive learning environment for my son to develop.  In addition to the weekly sessions, Stephanie assigned lessons to practice at home with my son.  These sessions were age-level appropriate, fun, and engaging.  Small steps each day led to significant progress until he completed therapy. When my son began struggling with reading in first grade, we returned to Ms. Rogister to work on literacy skills.  Our son's self-confidence has blossomed and his reading and spelling skills are stronger today because of Ms. Rogister's continued assistance.  I highly recommend Stephanie Rogister!
           - Lara H.

Stephanie Rogister, M.S.- C.C.C.
Speech & Language Pathologist
             Specializing in Services for Children
Stephanie Rogister is an outstanding speech therapist.  Our family has worked with her for over 13 years.  Three of our four children, all boys, have had speech and language problems.  Stephanie diagnosed the problems and then developed and implemented individual treatment programs.  She has worked with our sons' teachers and provided counseling and support for our family.  At the same time, she has been patient and compassionate with our boys.  Language therapy can be frustrating for those with language difficulties!  One of her greatest strengths is her attention to detail and careful record of our boys' progress.  Stephanie has the type of skill that can only come from years of experience.  The most important thing that we can tell you about Stephanie is that her approach and methods work. Our oldest son, whose speech and language problems were very severe, is now an eighth-grader, who has succeeded in middle school and has been accepted to a prestigious academic high school.  Our other two boys have had similar outcomes.  We are very grateful to have worked with Stephanie Rogister.

                                                                                                                                   - Vanessa and Doug Martini

Stephanie Rogister has truly been a blessing to my son and daughter and has made an incredible difference in their speech and language skills.  It is an awful feeling not knowing how to help your children and she quickly turned all that around for me.  She has given me effective tools and strategies to use at home.  I am impressed with her ability to read the children and to know when to lead and when to follow their interests.  She knows how to capture and keep their attention when they are not focused by using a variety of games, stories, freeplay, and positive feedback.  I could not be more happy with our experience and I trust her advice completely.

                                                                                                                                   - Shannon Brooks

Stephanie H. Rogister, M.S.-C.C.C.
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Stephanie evaluated our son at 26 months and diagnosed him with Verbal Apraxia.  He was barely speaking at all; he had never even said "Mommy" or "Daddy."  We liked how she was able to give us specifics on where his speech and comprehension were for his age.  We were very impressed by this, as we had often been told that a child was too young to benefit from or be evaluated by a speech therapist until age 3.  We immediately started sessions with her, as well as homework between sessions.  It was amazing how fun she made the sessions for him; but yet, at the same time, she kept his attention and pushed him to try to make the sounds that she was teaching him.  He is a very socially anxious and shy child, but she had a way of making him feel comfortable from the start.  By the time he started preschool at age 3 1/2, he was completely caught up and we only went back every so often for checkups or when there were specific problems.  This disappointed my son because he actually looked forward to the sessions with her every week.  There were always so many fun games and toys to play with that were part of the therapy.  Now, at age 7, stuttering became an issue.  It runs in our family and had gone beyond what I thought was normal for a child.  We started sessions with Stephanie again and after only 2 months, the stuttering was down very close to what would be considered normal for the average person.  We are very thankful that Stephanie helped our son learn to communicate with us and live a normal life.  I cannot imagine what those years would have been like without her helping him learn to speak.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -  Maria S. Reier