A comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of speech, language, or literacy problems is the initial step in the service process unless your child has been evaluated elsewhere.  Testing is followed by an interpretive session with the family and documented by a detailed report.

Therapy plans are designed using current, evidence-based treatment approaches.  These plans are adapted to the individual needs of the child so that the child can communicate independently and confidently in his/her environment.  

Parents are encouraged to actively participate in their child's therapy.  The treatment approach is tailored to be relevant to the child's family life.  in many cases, a parent or other caregiver observes the child's therapy and then weekly practice is carried out at home, based on written instructions and using therapy materials which I provide.  The goal is to create a fun, playful learning environment in which the child can be successful.  This builds confidence in communication which enhances the child's social interactions and learning competencies in all settings.

It is my goal to provide testing and treatment experiences in a supportive, non-intimidating environment.  My private practice is located in an office adjacent to my home inside the beltline.  This comfortable environment helps the child to immediately feel receptive to the activities presented.

I combine over 30 years experience using proven methods with a dedication to keeping abreast of advances in the field.  Given my experience working on a multidisciplinary team, I view the "whole child" with a full range of developmental needs and skills.  As a result, I communicate with other professionals to provide a coordinated plan of care and am available to teachers for consultation.  I aim to form a team with the family by providing education regarding their child's needs and the support to get those needs met.
Stephanie Rogister, M.S.-C.C.C.
Speech & Language Pathologist
         Specializing in Services for Children
Stephanie Rogister, M.S.-C.C.C.
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